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Nicole Dieker

I'm a freelance writer & blogger.

I'm a freelance writer, copywriter, & blogger. Senior editor at The Billfold, contributor to The Write Life, The Freelancer, The Content Strategist, Popular Science, and more.

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Dispatchfromamarswidow article

Dispatch From A Mars Widow - The Yearbook Office

I’m not going. I like Earth. Everyone I know is here. Plus, I’ve got shit to do. We’ve got, like, our parents, it’s not like fucking Friday Night Lights where you know Coach and Tami were orphans because in seven entire seasons they never once had to take Grandma to the neurologist.

Letmeseewhatspringislike article

Let Me See What Spring Is Like DRAFT Ch 1 01262030

We were young — we had only been married for three years when Community launched — and like many of the Mars Widows I also disappeared for a while, even though I was still on Earth right where she left me. When I think back on it, I remember an entire year, maybe two years, of watching the livestream for glimpses of her face. Wondering if I had made the wrong choice.

Huggingleeleecolor article

Talking To Yourself With Owls

I need to tell you about the owl I talk to as if it were a human.

Where Are the American Girl "Girl Of The Year" Dolls Now? - The ...

In 2001, historical doll manufacturer American Girl released its first contemporary doll: Lindsey Bergman, the 2001 “Girl of the Year.” By 2005 ......

Ask The Yearbook Office Contributors: Halloween Candy

As night time descends on the month of October, kids across the country are dressing up as spooky ghosts and ghastly ghouls. To prepare for that storied tradition of trick-or-treating, we decided to ask The Yearbook Office contributors what they would be handing out to the costumed masses this All Hallow's Eve.

Dear Miranda: A Homecoming Story (With Annotations)

Yes, I called my diary Miranda.

Ask The Yearbook Office Contributors: New Fall TV Shows

With the spirit of "lovable gang of goofballs" in the air, we gave our contributors carte blanche to create the kinds of TV shows they would like to see on the fall lineup.

The Last Summer of "Princess Trouble."

The reason I’m telling you this is that our shared childhood world of course came to an end. Endings are always interesting because they represent problems to be solved. You can solve them in a way that feels right, or you can solve them in a way that feels wrong and will feel wrong for the rest of your life. Entire books are written just so we can see how two people solve the problem of the ending.

The Gift You Get (When They've Got You)

This isn’t the first time a boss has given me a shirt. The first time was when I was working for a temp agency, which are of course like content mills for offices.

My Worst Fault - The Yearbook Office

By Nicole Dieker. When I was in college, the mentor who would later tell me she couldn't take me seriously as an artist said “You know what your worst fault is?...

The Least Expensive Thing - The Yearbook Office

By Nicole Dieker. It's very easy to believe in something that's wrong. When I was really young, I thought a relative had died because he was walking down the ......

Hannah Horvath Applies for Food Stamps - The Yearbook Office

By Nicole Dieker. INT. CAFÉ GRUMPY - DAY. HANNAH. So I've been working at Café Grumpy for, like, a year now, and this entire time I've only maybe missed ......

Ask The Yearbook Office Contributors: Christmas Wishes - The ...

Nicole Dieker. The trouble with thinking about what you really want for Christmas is that as soon as you describe the scenario, it can never happen. The image of ......

Earth Children - The Yearbook Office

By Nicole Dieker. Mara had been carrying the sword now for maybe fifteen miles. The same sword, the same pack, the new ache in her left thigh because she ......