Nicole Dieker

Nicole Dieker

I'm a freelance writer & blogger.

I'm a freelance writer, copywriter, & blogger. Senior editor at The Billfold, contributor to The Write Life, The Freelancer, The Content Strategist, Popular Science, and more.

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How to Write Click-Worthy Blog Headlines Without Resorting to Clickbait

No matter what goals you have for your content marketing, you need to be able to write headlines that get clicked.

Why Collecting Data Is the Most Important Part of Lead Generation

It isn’t about us and our need for more conversions. It’s about our audience and their needs for our solution.

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We Hate Autoplay Too: 3 Experts on Landing Page Video Best Practices

Autoplay video seems to be growing in popularity, despite unanimously being seen as a real pain in the butt.

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Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself With A/B Testing

You can’t go back in time and start running game-changing tests, but you can start testing right now.

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3 Professional Copywriters on What It Takes to Write Landing Page That Converts

We interviewed three professional copywriters who gave us six pieces of advice to help you improve your landing page copy to drive more conversions and sales – let’s take a look at their most powerful tactics.