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Nicole Dieker

I'm a freelance writer & blogger.

I'm a freelance writer, copywriter, & blogger. Senior editor at The Billfold, contributor to The Write Life, The Freelancer, The Content Strategist, Popular Science, and more.

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The Billfold

The Economics of Stardew Valley

It's the best adulthood simulator I've ever played.

Neko atsume1 article
The Billfold

The Economics of Neko Atsume

The first thing you need to understand is that the cats have won.

Amazon books article
The Billfold

I Went to the New Amazon Books Store

It was pretty much exactly what I expected, actually. A comfortable, well-organized, well-lit bookstore focusing on popular titles while simultaneously highlighting the popularity of these titles.

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The Billfold

Talking to Seth Boyer About Burgerwave Music and Living on $12000

The end goal is to live long enough to watch capitalism be dismantled so I can continue to make art and take care of the regrettable physical necessities like eating and shelter.

The Billfold

Physical Books Increase Kids' Reading Performance—But at What Cost?

It would cost you roughly $3,100 to build your 500-book library.

The Billfold

I Now Own “Extreme Survival Kit Two”

I hope we’re all hearing “exTREEEEME!!!!!!” in our heads right now.

The Billfold

On Millennials, Power, Entitlement, and My Own Path to Career Success

Could I recreate my career path today, if I were a recent college graduate with no money and only a smattering of work-related skills?

The Billfold

Talking to Alan Lastufka About Early Retirement

How to go from $30,000 in debt to early retirement.

The Billfold

Welcome to the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Get Ready to Hustle.

Some of us will be freelancers and others of us will be employees and all of us will be competing with robots.

The Billfold

UPtv Gives Low-Income Children Presents, Then Asks Them to Sacrifice Their Gifts For Their Families

children from the Metro Atlanta Boys and Girls Clubs are asked “the toughest question they’d face this Christmas season:” whether to keep a dream gift for themselves, or exchange it for a dream gift to give their parents.

The Billfold

Planet Money Breaks Down the Work From Home Scam

You get a call center of people employing scripts designed to break down your objections and earn your trust. What you don’t get is a job.

The Billfold

Goldman Sachs Wonders if It’s Time to Question “The Efficacy of Capitalism”

If profit margins don't go down, what happens next?

The Billfold

My Best Self in 2016: A Totally Achievable List of Goals

My Best Self in 2016: A Totally Achievable List of ...

The Billfold

Grocery Shopping the Lenny Letter Way: Yes, the Entire Haul Cost Less Than $75

I’m starting to get very excited about this plan.

The Billfold

Talking to Robert Langellier about “The Long Haul” and Paying Off His Student Loans

Would you advise someone else to do what you did? Do you think it’s a great way to pay down student debt?