Nicole Dieker

Nicole Dieker

I'm a freelance writer & blogger.

I'm a freelance writer, copywriter, & blogger. Senior editor at The Billfold, contributor to The Write Life, The Freelancer, The Content Strategist, Popular Science, and more.

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Scratch: 'Beyond Pitching', from the Q3 2015 issue "The Practice"

It often feels like a writer’s entire career comes down to the pitch.

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How Writers (Actually) Get Paid

This question—When am I going to get paid?—follows many freelancers throughout our workdays. I interviewed writers and editors about how freelancers can be less anxious and more efficient and effective in dealing with this question.

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Scratch: "Self-Help," from Q4 2014

How Writers (Actually) Get Paid Nicole Dieker. For freelancers, chasing checks is a second shift. For freelancers, chasing checks is a second shift. Read for free....