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Nicole Dieker

I'm a freelance writer & blogger.

I'm a freelance writer, copywriter, & blogger. Senior editor at The Billfold, contributor to The Write Life, The Freelancer, The Content Strategist, Popular Science, and more.

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From the Diaries of Minerva McGonagall, October 30, 1949

Do wizards get to choose if they become a ghost? Is it the sort of thing you'd want to choose?

The SparkLife Guide to Surviving Family Gatherings

You know that internal stress that makes Harry Potter accidentally blow up his Aunt Marge? You are going to have to control that stress and present a facade of calm, comfortable sanguinity.

Our 10 Favorite Moments From Grease Live

Three words: double tearaway costume.

From the Diaries of Minerva McGonagall: September 13, 1947

This is the first chance I've gotten to write in you since arriving at Hogwarts.

Everything You Need to Know About Saving Money on Textbooks

Textbooks are never going to be cheap—but when you're in college, every dollar counts. See how many dollars you can save by implementing these strategies.

From the Diaries of Minerva McGonagall: December 10, 1947

With spells you have to say the words properly, in the right order, and you have to move your wand in the right way. Why does my snuff box come out with gold leaf on it, and someone else's come out just plain wood? We both said the same words.

The 8 New Year's Resolutions EVERYONE Should Have

It's the season for self-improvement, so we've put together a life list of skills that all of us should master.

How to Deal With Your Fear of Failure

You are going to fail and it is going to hurt and you will wish there was a way to get through life without ever having to fail at anything. But there isn't.

What to Do If You're Kiss-less on NYE

Whether you're NBK or just BKBNR (that's "been kissed, but not recently"), we have some solutions to survive that dreadful moment where you have to stand alone, in a room full of your friends or family, watching everyone else kiss.

The Best Movies to Watch With Your Sister(s) Over the Holidays

Someday, when I invent a time-travel machine, I am going to use it to go back in time, find my sister, and discover Clue with her all over again.

How Time Travel Works in Different Universes

Hop in to the DeLorean, grab your Time-Turner, and let's take a look at how time travel works in different universes.

How to Speed-Cram for a Final in an Emergency

Have a lot of historical figures to memorize? Sort 'em into Hogwarts houses.

A Serious Discussion About College and Finances

I believe that having honest conversations about money helps us all become better at spending, saving, and earning cash. Even if we're wizards.

How Magic Works in Different Universes

Is magic like Siri, and it won't work if you mumble? Is that even fair?

If The Dead Could Tweet: Famous Authors Weigh In On Canonical Debates

In the past, authors died long before we could get caught up in the minutiae of their work, giving us full rein to speculate wildly and pair secondary characters willy nilly.